Custom Home Building Services

Custom Home Building Services

From artisan-crafted embellishments to clean modern-day houses, Samdani Homes has had the privilege to cater to over 200 diverse clientele with unique tastes and budgets.

Quality defines our signature homes. For us, high-quality workmanship and timeliness begins with being present at the construction site on a constant basis and working with the best tried and tested trades in the business.

From demolition to completion, our custom home building services are all-encompassing. Through our experience, we guide even the most novice clients through the building process; all the way down to the finest details, such as selecting fittings, trims, doors or appliances, to create a hassle-free building experience. Most importantly, our expertise helps clients save time and money, and ensures that they stay within budget.

Our services also include all preliminary work required in the home-building process, such as advising on the best lots to build on according to our clients’ needs, processing architectural drawings, referring out to secure construction loans as well as obtaining all permits required to begin building.

Also unique to Samdani Homes, is the services of our in-house accent designer to create complementing accents, tile patterns and borders, as well as advise on colour schemes.